Unconference Sessions

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Experience the unique Unconference format, where you wield the power to shape sessions based on your interests. Dive into participant-driven discussions, ignite collaborations, and innovate within an open, dynamic environment.

Be at the forefront of the agenda-setting process, fostering an engaging and personalised experience. The Unconference Sessions will be in the form of an open theatre presentation in the exhibition, accessible to all registered participants.

This format allows any delegate and industry member to take the podium and share ideas, trends, and expertise.

Meet the Session Leaders

Friday 16 February 2024

🗣️ Explore how IOLEvidence informs the outcomes of studies with intraocular lenses.

🗣️ Gain a comprehensive understanding of all IOL families.

🗣️ Essential insights for practitioners seeking to enhance patient satisfaction through evidence-based strategies.

🗣️ Reimbursement in medical treatment.

🗣️ Navigating compensation trends for cataract surgeons.

🗣️ Strategies for fair surgeon compensation in eye surgery.

Saturday 17 February 2024

🗣️ The main aspects of interoperability.

🗣️ The difficulties of getting data from the biometry.

🗣️ Electronic healthcare records.

🗣️ How to understand your unconscious biases.

🗣️ How to correct your unconscious biases.

🗣️ How unconscious biases affect and inform your decisions.

🗣️ Custom cataract packs.

🗣️ How SIDICS provides an instant estimate of environmental impact.

🗣️ Advice on how to improve your footprint.

🗣️ The how, why, and who of the examination.

🗣️ Your concerns and queries about the exam.

🗣️ Interactive ESCRS exam preview.

🗣️ The psychological nature of functional vision.

🗣️ Perceptual completion: where senses and mind collaborate to ‘fill in’ gaps.

🗣️ Consumption as a primary use of functional vision.

🗣️ Eagle device in focus: industry expert perspectives.

🗣️ Pioneering glaucoma management.

🗣️ Revolutionising glaucoma care with DSLT.

🗣️ How to perform good and safe cataract surgery with fewer materials.

🗣️ Less consumption of materials reduces the cost and footprint of surgery.

🗣️ Making our practice more sustainable is a necessity.